Sun Chaw Wong
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Welcome to Healthy Soy Sauce

We are a leading producer of premium quality soy sauce under the Sun Chaw Wong and Lao Chaw Wong brands and regular soy sauce under the Tao Tong Brand. Our soy sauces are produced using the traditional Fermentation method with no artificial of chemical additives. Our ingredients are from a select combination of high quality soybeans, wheat flour, salt and water which are subject to a lengthy fermentation or brewing process of up to 6 months. This natural fermentation process results in a pungent soy sauce with a deep, rich flavor that works enhance the flavors of your favorite dish

Our factory, Thai Sino Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 in cooperation with 2 top soy sauce products from china, Which we have derived our centuries old fermentation technology. Gilin is a leading producer of seasoning sauces in china with more than 600 year history and over than 100 different products.

All of Thai Sino Food’s soy sauces and soy sauce based seasonings are brewed using only the natural brewing process. We start by selecting only high quality GMO free soybeans and wheat which are steamed then combined with water, salt and a starter culture   during fermentation, which lasts from several months to 1 year, soy proteins are gradually broken down into amino acid while wheat flours are converted into sugars. It is this gradual process that allows the well as the aroma and color of the soy sauce to develop. Finally, The raw soy sauce is refined, treated with heat and packaged.